We are a company recognized as a leader in the high quality Hass Avocado cultivation and marketing.
The weather and topography of our state Michoacan, Mexico, the excellent service and the
capacity to create programs to the benefit to our business partners are, without a
doubt, defining strengths of FRUFIVA.


FRUFIVA is an innovative Company that develops projects with business partners,
thanks to an organization behind its product, we have achieved recognition
and appreciation in the domestic and foreign markets with over 50 years
experience in the production and marketing of the Hass avocado.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility projects will always
focus on saving the planet.


We have the knowledge and experience to produce and market Mexican Hass Avocado, fulfilling quality standards from its origin and caring all stages of the process.


FRUFIVA continues to invest in technology, which ensures that the process of selection and packaging is more accurate and homogeneous.


Fresh Hass Avocado, packaged according to the needs of our customers.


We offer ease in the marketing process, supporting from the beginning to the final delivery of our product.

We have availability of the fruit throughout the year, with disinfected networks and certified personnel.


The avocado harvest is done by hand, with specialized equipment and personnel to avoid damage to the quality of the fruit, while complying with the optimum percentage of dry matter.


Fulfilling the standards and certifications in the destination country.


Options designed according the needs of our customers.


We accompanied at all time to our client in the process, from purchasing to final delivery of the product, FRUFIVA performs quality control and management of administrative and customs procedures if the customer desires.


Presence in the World


State Highway Tacámbaro Pátzcuaro KM. 3 Testerazo SN,
Tacámbaro, Michoacán, 61654, México.

Phone: +52 459 596 1527 / +52 459 596 0482 / +52 459 596 2282